COVIDE-19 Containment and prevention Measures

The safety of our employees and guests has and will always be our priority.

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All of the hotels will be operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Health in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health organization to execute the highest level of precautionary measures to ensure guest’s safety by maintaining the highest level of sanitization and thoroughly disinfecting every possible area and touchpoints in all of the hotel.

The hotel has to meet rigorous health criteria to obtain the certificate of operation from the Ministry of health.
  • Disinfection procedures to run throughout the whole day.
  • Sanitizing dispensers to be deployed throughout the whole facility.
  • Clinique and doctor in the hotel reporting to the Ministry of health.
  • Distancing measures for the guests and employees.
  • Proper ventilation in public spaces.
  • Awareness boards to be installed in various areas.
  • Disinfecting all touch points in public spaces every hour with the products instructed by WHO and Ministry of health.
  • All linens and textiles are being washed in high temperatures to eliminate cross contamination.
  • Hotel Guest daily temperature test to detect fevers.
  • Quarantine areas to be designated for the suspected cases.
  • 50% of staff to be present in the facility.
  • All Employees are tested.
  • All employees were adequately trained to execute the sanitary protocol to ensure the efficacy of the measures.
  • Periodic trainings for the staff to follow up on latest methods to fight the virus.
  • All luggage are sterilized upon check in.
  • Room Occupancy: Maximum 2 adults accompanying two child per room.
  • Minimum Time frame of 48 hours before the reoccupation of the room or upon the guest request.
  • We ensure the highest allowed concentration of chlorine that kills virus in the pools.
  • All Sunbeds, tables and chairs are being disinfected after each guest use.
  • Food is specially treated from the point of purchase to preparation to service to eliminate cross contamination and ensure highest hygiene and safety standards.
  • Distance of 2m to be maintained between each table while ensuring a maximum number of 2 people per table and a maximum of 6 people per table for families.
  • A la carte Service, no buffet service allowed.
  • Dining Tables, chairs and tableware are disinfected after each service.
  • Night & evening activates are currently stopped till further notice.
  • Gym undergoes disinfection procedures every 1 hour & after each guest use.
  • Gym equipment is distanced to reduce proximity.
  • Spa facilities are closed.

And many more procedures to ensure guests’ and staff’s safety.

A highly trained team will exert the absolute maximum of their power to implement and monitor the ongoing procedures to comply with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism that is derived from the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

And in case of violation of any of the above measures, the hotel will not be authorized to operate.

We are eager to provide the excellent hospitality experience of Sea Star Beau Rivage once again

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